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About My Art

A lifetime of exploration into creativity and the expression of my soul.

Light is constantly transforming the landscape, never to repeat itself. As an artist, I feel a personal challenge to capture this fugitive light that changes day-by-day, minute-by-minute. When I am able to convey a sense of light that elicits my emotional response to the landscapes’ beauty and majesty, then my creative undertaking has been accomplished


Oil Paintings

Oil painting is a lifelong adventure into the nuances and expressiveness of the medium.

I love working with a brush loaded with thick oil paint working a canvas using wet paint into wet paint...which has the joy and surprises of finger painting without having to constantly wash my hands.


Chalk Pastels

Layers of raw pigment on paper creating a subtle color depth unlike any other medium...luminous.

My first chalk pastel that I remember, was a portrait of two American Kestrels sitting in a tree. That was 1963, age eight, second grade.


Spirit Animals

My venture into painting animals as spirit helpers or guides as experienced by indigenous cultures or shamanism.

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